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Can we all just

Calm the fuck down about the Mr. X stuff? 

YES - we are the storm
YES - we have always been the storm
YES - we will always be the storm

We are Directioners. We are the reason the boys are where they are and the reason they will continue to succeed (they’ve said so themselves).

Who cares if Mr. X is real or fake? At this point, it doesn’t matter. Mr. X (or the idea) is showing us that WE are the reason good things happen in this fandom and WE are also the reason we can’t have nice things in this fandom. 

(when I say WE I mean the collective…obviously not every fan/Directioner goes bat shit crazy over everything or sends threats to the boys/families/friends or refuses to be logical/rational about you know…EVERYTHING)

Anyway…no matter what the point of the “Storm” is…take from it that we do this to ourselves and what happens to us happens to the boys.

If we can have such a global and personal affect on them and each other…why can’t we keep it POSITIVE

Love the music
Love the boys/band/crew/families/friends/pets/cars/etc.
Love each other



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